New Social Startup Aims To Help You Share Things ONLY With People Who Need To Know


Photo: Everyme

Social networks encourage you to share your life publicly.One startup called Everyme thinks there’s a better way to share stuff privately. 

Everyme launched today on the Apple App Store. It’s an address book that looks at your contacts and finds their respective social networks.

For instance, if your mum doesn’t have Everyme, as long as she has an email address, she will still get the message. If your friend only has a phone, the message will be sent through text.

When you download the Everyme app, you can put people in circles to help you streamline your messages to them.

(Hopefully, the folks at Google Plus won’t mind that they are using the word circle too, right?)

Arranging contacts like this helps users control who they’re sharing with.

“It’s no secret that Facebook wants you to share things publicly. I don’t think anyone except people at Facebook fully understand why. On Twitter, there’s not really another option. Facebook’s entire UI has been redesigned over and over again around getting users to share things publicly,” Norby said.

“Once your real friends and your acquaintances are all jumbled up in one interface and in one space, you’ve now lost control over who is seeing your content. Lists are a good attempt but you can’t have private and public sharing mixed in one interface, it’s too confusing for the average user so they won’t use it,” he added.

“We also monitor your social network profile for changes in your life or interesting signals. It’s called Magic Stories. If you post a popular tweet, like a new movie on Facebook, or change jobs, we will automatically share those to circles that you’ve turned that feature on for. It’s very cool, I’ve never seen it done anywhere else,” Everyme co-founder Vibhu Norby said.

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