New App EveryMe Circles Up 400,000 Contacts* In First Month And Calls The Death Of 'Friendships'

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EveryMe, a mobile app that turns a contact list into a bunch of mini social networks, launched last month and now has 400,000 subscribers.*Today the Y Combinator startup is announcing its new Android app and web product to match its iPhone app.

CEO and cofounder Oliver Cameron tells us his product is much different than Google + circles and other mobile social networks like Path.

“With our circles, everyone knows who they’re sharing with whereas, in Google+, no one really knows what circles they’re in,” he explains.

“Path is an awesome app but I think the model is still Facebook’s where you have a set group of friends. But friendships are kind of dead. There’s always that one moment where you have to friend someone who isn’t in the current set of friends and your sharing completely changes,” he says. “You have to consider if what you’re posting is appropriate. There’s no concept of friendships in EveryMe. People come in and out and you add people to groups as they fit.”

EveryMe’s patent pending technology automatically creates circles based on information EveryMe pulls from social networks, like where you went to high school, from people in your mobile contact list. “The machine is literally doing millions of comparison,” Cameron says.

When we tried out EveryMe it pulled out five circles of friends extremely accurately without any help from us: Work (Business Insider), College (Syracuse University), Family, Sweetheart, and High School.

We did a walk-through of the app. Here’s EveryMe, the iPhone, web and Android app 400,000 people have signed up for >

*400,000 contacts have been added in EveryMe circles, but that doesn’t mean the app has 400,000 users as we initially reported. According to Appdata, EveryMe has about 10,000 users and about 2,000 DAU.

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