18 people share the one thing they do every day to make their lives better

Antonio Guillem/ShutterstockThere are things you can do every day to maintain a happy life.
  • Your everyday habits can make or break your mood and mindset.
  • There’s a number of small things you can do every day to maintain a happy, productive, and successful life – and they’re different for everyone.
  • Here’s what 18 people do every single day to make their lives better.

You have the power to put a positive spin on each and every day. Happy thoughts and actions create happy emotions. Ditto for expressing gratitude. If you spend five minutes each morning when you wake up thinking about what you’re grateful for, it can shift your entire mindset for the day. Northeastern Universityresearchers found that people who felt grateful for little, everyday things were more patient and able to make better decisions.

I carve out 20 minutes everyday for self care. I turn off my phone, step away from the computer, and do something that brings me calm – whether it’s meditating, taking a nap, or sitting in the sun.

Business Insider spoke with 18 people to figure what they do to make their lives better every day. Their responses have been condensed and edited for clarity.

1. Work out to rap music

antoniodiaz/ShutterstockRap music keeps me young.

The one thing I do every day that makes my life better is working out to rap music. It reminds me that age is a state of mind. I may be 40 and a dad, but I can still be young at heart.

Marc Anidjar, attorney

2. Do nothing

Andreas Rentz/Getty ImagesEveryone should practice doing nothing.

I carve out intentional “do nothing” time, free from guilt for not doing other things.

– Shanna Sawatzki, life sciences account manager

3. Dance

I literally try and dance every day. Whether it’s a moonwalk into the kitchen or a death drop for a drag queen, it always instantly makes the day better.

John Beck, marketing strategist

4. Set intentions

JivkoM/ShutterstockMeditating and setting intentions is a part of my daily routine.

I take time in the morning to meditate and set intentions for the day.

Antonia Hall, psychologist and relationship expert

5. Get outdoors

Ezra Shaw/Getty ImagesI spend time outside every day.

Every afternoon, I exist outside. Even when weather isn’t ideal, it’s me, the kids, and my mosquito zapper.

Stephanie Rudat, business development professional

6. Move my body

Damian Gadal/ShutterstockGoing for a walk on the beach counts.

I move my body daily, whether it’s dancing, working out at the gym, going for a walk on the beach or in the forest, or cycling.

Jenna Card, compassionate communication trainer

7. Listen to positive podcasts

Flamingo Images/ShutterstockI find inspiration in positive podcasts.

I listen to podcasts that are not depressing.

Tania Young, medical receptionist

8. Read

THX0477/Attribution Licence/FlickrI read every single day.

I read. An article, a book, something!

Candace Nelson, content strategist

9. Visualise

Elizaveta Galitckaia/ShutterstockI visualise my goals.

Before I get out of bed each morning, I do a visualisation exercise. I visualise the manifestation of one of my goals in as much detail as I can, creating such visual pictures in my mind that it feels totally real.

Carmen Wilde,business coach

10. Have a mantra

Dean Drobot/ShutterstockMy mantra is ‘you are worth it.’

Before I start my day, the first thing I do is stare myself in the mirror and say, “You are worth it.”

K Sos,musician

11. Do yoga

Dave Rosenblum/Attribution Licence/FlickrYoga is important to my daily routine.

The one thing I do every day that makes my life better is yoga! Not only does it calm my anxiety, but it has truly strengthened my mind, body, and spirit.

Lisa Schwartz, Diamond PR director

12. Practice gratitude

djile/ShutterstockBeing thankful leads to happiness.

The one thing I do every day that makes my life better is practicing gratitude.Researchhas shown that a person can experience increased levels of optimism for up to six months simply by noting three things that make them grateful every day for three weeks. Practicing gratitude is key to achieving happiness in life and can also make us more successful.

Rebekka Mikkola, cuddle therapist

13. Eat good chocolate

francois schnell/Attribution Licence/FlickrMy diet includes chocolate, every day.

Eat quality chocolate. Life’s too short for that other stuff.

Erin Meyer, emergency manager

14. Practice piano

인철 최/Attribution Licence/FlickrEvery day I play the piano.

I honestly don’t know what I would do without music. Every day, without fail, I practice piano for at least 15 minutes. There is nothing like music to make me feel grounded and calm.

Sara LeMesh, co-founder and CEO of Ayuda Care

15. Recite positive affirmations

By Lexashka/ShutterstockMy affirmations include life goals and aspirations.

I have written affirmations about who I want to become and the major life goals that I am working toward. In the morning, I recite these affirmations aloud, with emotion, to help start my day with the right focus, attitude, and mindset. This habit has made a significant difference in my energy, productivity, and quality of life.

Ted Ma, motivational speaker

16. Make coffee


I grind my coffee and make a pour-over every day. Maybe that’s a bit simple, but it definitely makes my life better. Some nights, I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and make my coffee.

Megan Padilla, writer

17. Quality kid time

Photoglovey/Attribution Licence/FlickrFamily time is so important.

Getting hugs and kisses from my daughter gets me through the day. She’s going on five, and I’m aware of how fleeting it is. Also, I have a stressful job and don’t see her much during the week, so it’s the best thing.

Linn Edwards, photographer

19. Drink a green protein smoothie

JeniFoto/ShutterstockI feel good knowing I have veggies every day.

I drink a green protein smoothie every morning. Even if I eat terribly the rest of the day, I can feel good that I at least ate some veggies and did something good for my body. Plus, the protein boost is great for my work flow.

Simone Katerine Paget, columnist for the Toronto Sun

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