Everybody Out Of Tech Stocks!


As the quarter comes to an end, that’s the big theme lately.

Tech has been a major underperform, and that even includes Apple, which is down over 1% today, fell over 2% yesterday, and fell over 1% the day before, far outpacing the declines of the overall market, and even the NASDAQ.

Other big losers lately in the tech world:

  • Facebook has had a rough week, falling from around $23 on Friday to around $20 today.
  • Hewlett Packard has been bleeding, losing over 2% today.
  • Chip maker AMD is one of the worst stocks in the S&P this quarter, and is down about 10% this week.
  • Cisco has fallen all week, ans is off about 1% today.
  • Microsoft is off about 3% this week.

Big exception: Google, which hit a new high this week.

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