Every Team With A QB Problem Wants Peyton Manning

peyton manning

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With all the changes going on around the Indianapolis Colts franchise and the team likely using its first overall pick in April’s NFL draft to take Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning‘s future with the Colts has provided for ample speculation.As all league execs know, Peyton is owed a $28 million roster bonus on March 8. If Indy is dead set on taking Luck and moving onto its next era, why keep an old, recently injured, high-cost QB around? Why not just cut him? (He can’t be traded until March 13.)

We already told you about the New York Jets expressing their interest, which caused younger brother Eli Manning to get all excited about commuting to work together. Now, to the shock of NO ONE, more teams have come out expressing their interest in acquiring one of the best signal callers in NFL history, if of course he actually becomes available.

The list of potential suitors reads like the who’s who of “we have really really awful quarterbacks on our roster:”

  • Washington Redskins, according to Mel Kiper on draft teleconference
  • Miami Dolphins “will aggressively pursue him if he’s a free agent and if he’s cleared medically,” according to the Miami Herald
  • Arizona Cardinals, per a TV report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter

A major upgrade at QB makes complete sense for all three of these teams, lest you find Rex Grossman or Matt Moore to be viable options.

What other teams should we be expecting to issue “anonymous” statements from “people with direct knowledge” of their plans?

  • Cleveland Browns
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Minnesota Vikings

Basically we should expect a solid third of the league to prefer Peyton Manning over its current starter.