Every Single Apple Analyst Is Saying The Exact Same Thing Today

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Groupthink alert.Here’s a quick summary, sent to us by a trader, of major sell-side research shops commenting on Apple’s surprise miss:

AAPL recap

  • JPM- siri says “diss the miss, its all timing” raising estimates and maintain dec-12 PT of $525
  • Citi- iPhone shortfall due to purchase deferrals; Buy the dip
  • Goldman- a tough miss, but expect a sharp holiday snapback; CL-Buy
  • Morgan Stanley- a small hiccup but pump primed for C4Q
  • UBS- a pause in between tracks; reit BUY
  • Deutsche Bank – even mountain climbers need a breather at altitude.  Tweaking est’s, maintain buy, 530 pt
  • BofA- taking from one Q and giving to another; maintain BUY, 515 target

Watch Below: It’s Just Bad Timing For Apple, Nothing Else

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