Every Facebook Employee Spent The Night Before The IPO At An All-Night Hackathon

facebook hackathon

Photo: Facebook

While everyone else was asleep, Facebook employees spent the night before their company’s IPO at Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters hacking away.It was the 31st hackathon, an event Facebook kicks off every couple of months where every Facebook employee builds a bunch of prototypes of things they’re interested in making.

Timeline, chat and some of Facebook’s other most important elements have come out of these hackathons.

Never mind that the company is going public today at a $100 billion plus valuation.

This has been Mark Zuckerberg's rallying cry to employees since the IPO procedures began — keep focused.

Although it's hard not to get excited when the company is finally going public after 8 years.

It kicked off in Facebook's hacker courtyard, where Zuckerberg holds Q&A sessions every Friday.

It was a beautiful day in Menlo Park, despite all the turmoil Facebook faced reaching this point.

Facebook employees mobbed the square to kick off the hackathon.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke, and received a standing ovation, from his 3,000-something employees.

It was one final pep talk before Facebook made its trading debut on public markets.

Literally every employee attended the presentation from Zuckerberg.

Then, they got straight to work.

The final hours before the IPO were spent building rapid-fire prototypes of future Facebook products.

Facebook products like chat and Timeline came out of these hackathons.

They worked their butts off while donning Facebook hoodies.

If they needed inspiration, they could just look at one of the dozens of murals across Facebook's campus.

The entire office turned into a sprawl with pillows, blankets and other comforters.

There was plenty of caffeine to go around as Facebook employees hacked away.

It's possible the next huge thing for Facebook came out of the hackathon that happened last night.

It really is a sweet office, too...

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