Scary video shows every concussion of the 2017 NFL season in one clip

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
  • A data artist has taken all 280 concussions from the 2017 NFL season and put them into one chilling video.
  • By showing the hits in reverse and slowed down, the film gives its audience a new visual understanding for the violence that has long been a somewhat expected part of football.
  • The artist behind the video, Josh Begley, says the film is not an argument for the end of football, but rather an effort at “defamiliarizing the familiar.”

In recent years, concussion awareness has become a bigger and bigger part of being a football fan as the longterm health effects of the game are better understood. As the public learns more about the effects of CTE and sometimes even sees former stars of the sport dying of suicide, the NFL has begun to approach concussions with a bit more caution.

Gone are segments like ESPN’s “Jacked Up!” that would highlight the hardest hits of the day. Instead, the league now has a concussion protocol that is still less-than-perfect but undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

But even with increased awareness of concussions, fans can still become fairly desensitised to the repeated head trauma over the course of the season. With this in mind, Josh Begley of The Intercept put together a video that shows all 280 concussions of the 2017 NFL season in one clip, with the goal of “defamiliarizing the familiar.”

You can watch the chilling film below.

Begley makes clear in his post that accompanies the film that he is not making an argument for the end of football, but rather hopes that his audience will garner a fresh recognition of the brutality of the moment.

“By cutting together only these scenes of injury – moments of impact, of intimacy, of trauma – and reversing them, I hope to open up a space to see some of this violence anew,” he writes.

Concussions will undoubtedly remain a point of contention through the future of football, and videos such as this one serve as an important tool to remind us that hits like this are likely far more affecting than we understand.

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