Every Baseball Expert Was Completely Wrong When They Made Their World Series Prediction

While it was not unusual to see to two of baseball’s most storied franchises battling in the Fall Classic, it was apparently a surprise to nearly 80 baseball experts as not one had the Red Sox winning the World Series.

In all, 76 experts made World Series predictions for ESPN.com, MLB.com, SI.com, and CBSSports.com prior to the season. Not only did none of the experts predict the Red Sox to win the World Series, none of them even had the Red Sox winning the American League and not one had the Cardinals winning the National League.

In other words, these experts went 0-152 predicting which teams would compete in the World Series.

All 76 experts picked one of seven teams to win the World Series with most picking either the Nationals (33) or the Tigers (26). The Nationals failed to make the playoffs and the Tigers lost to the Red Sox in the ALCS.

The other teams predicted to win the World Series included the Angels (6), Reds (4), Rays (4), Dodgers (2), and Blue Jays (1). Of those, the Angels and Blue Jays did not even make the postseason.

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