Evernote Hello Helps You Remember Who, What, Where, When


added a new app to its growing portfolio. It’s called Evernote Hello. And it aims to say goodbye to your smartphone’s default contacts app.

When meeting new people professionally or personally, it’s sometimes difficult to place a name to a face afterwards. Hello turns your contacts into a database and remembers exactly whose face goes with which name. It creates a “browsable history of individuals, encounters, and shared experiences,” according to Evernote.


The app is free and available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Tap to open the app. We like the look of Hello's icon.

The opening page displays Evernote Hello's new mascot.

Next fill out your contact information ...

Now the main event: When you want someone to add their information, you choose from these three options.

This is what your contact's info looks like in your new database. It even logs the location where you met them. Pretty cool.!

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