Evernote For Mac Just Got A Major Overhaul And You Need To Check It Out

evernote 5

Photo: Evernote

Evernote’s extremely useful note-taking app got a major design overhaul today.The update has more than 100 new features and gives users a cleaner and easy to navigate experience. But besides easier navigation, the revamp is also a lot easier on the eyes.

Evernote has spent the past year listening to feedback from users and worked to integrate these changes into Evernote 5.

Evernote 5 for Mac is free in the Mac App Store.

After you download the app from the Mac App Store, open it from Launchpad.

The first thing you'll notice is the sidebar. The sidebar is a very useful way to get around inside the app.

Once you're inside, you'll see all your old notes, but they've been reorganized.

You can see all of your notebooks in one place now. We love how the Trash is there, allowing us to view deleted notes.

It's also very easy to find a specific note based on tags.

The Atlas is a new section that shows where you took a particular note. This is helpful if you're on a trip and need to easily access a note from elsewhere.

When you dive deeper into the Atlas you can see specifically where notes were taken. These are a few we took on our iPhone and they showed right up on our desktop.

Another new feature is the Evernote Trunk. The Trunk shows you other apps that sync with Evernote like the popular photo editing app Skitch.

Searching has been drastically overhauled, making it much easier to find notes.

Searching offers suggestions too...

As you use the app more, notifications will show up via the satellite icon.

Another new feature is the ability to share notebooks. This is useful when collaborating with others. You can even create a public link to share with anyone.

You can also use the app to stay on top of your current monthly usage or update to Evernote's premium version.

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