Eventually, We're Going To Have To Bailout Wyoming For Its Addiction To Wind Turbines

windturbine field tbi

It appears that Wyoming is treating the development of wind turbines like the invasion of Iraq–set up operations quickly, without any long term exit plan.

According an AP report, 290 wind turbines were built in the state last year, with 160 more in production now. While this boom in turbines sure sounds neat today, in 20-30 years, when the turbines are obsolete, the state has no idea what it’s going to do.

As it stands now, there is no money set aside to decommission the turbines, nor is there a standard for taking them, and their facilities, apart.

We’re going hazard a guess that letting the turbines just sit still and rust isn’t an option.

20 years is a long ways a way, but the cynic in us, today, wants to scoff, “don’t bother planning, when the turbines are done, let the Federal government bail you out. It will be a green job, taking them apart. The government will love that.”

However, we’ll quiet that cynic, and give Wyoming some easy advice. You’ve got 20 years to save up the money to take the turbines down, start today.

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