Eventbrite's New San Francisco Offices Are So Bright That Employees Sometimes Wear Sunglasses At Their Desks

Online ticketing platform Eventbrite has moved into some bright new offices in San Francisco’s South of Market neighbourhood.

When Rapt Studio set out to design the space — the company’s fifth in just eight years — they used Pinterest boards to find out what Eventbrite employees wanted most in their office.

The result was a space that’s both fun and functional, with a fully stocked kitchen, in-office bike racks, and desk arrangements that include hammocks and stadium seating.

Eventbrite's new offices are located on the sixth and seventh floors of a building on 5th Street, in San Francisco's South of Market neighbourhood.

A lot of Eventbrite employees bike to and from work, so the company added this in-office hanging bike rack.

The office's design is open, with a wide variety of seating arrangements.

Natural light was the number one design request from Eventbrite employees. Regular and standing desks were placed right next to the office's enormous windows, which look out over the city.

It's so bright in here that Terra Carmichael, Eventbrite's head of global corporate communications, sometimes wears sunglasses at her desk.

Dylan Serota, head of platform partnerships, gets some work done from a more comfortable spot. 'We're pretty sure Dylan was half joking when he suggested we add hammocks, but sometimes, you just gotta take your conference calls from the horizontal position,' Eventbrite wrote in the blog post announcing the new office design.

Stadium seating, which comes complete with power outlets, offers another unique place to work.

The design team has its own office filled with inspiration for creative types.

There are plenty of quieter work spaces, too, like this library.

There's also this comfortable seating area.

To avoid confusion about booking conference rooms, the design team added iPads outside of each one.

The new design also incorporated lots of elements of fun, including a ping pong table, photo booth, and cornhole boards.

Hula hoops help team members brainstorm.

The kitchen is fully stocked with snacks.

And workers can enjoy meals together in the cafe.

The company hosts events and talks on this stage in the cafe.

The new restrooms include electronics cubbies where employees can stash their laptops and cell phones.

They have also added two 'Mother's Rooms,' where new mums returning to work can make use of hospital-grade pumps and a calm atmosphere away from the busy main office areas.

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