Even The Starbucks CEO Is Completely Confused About What The Fiscal Cliff Is

Howard Schultz

[credit provider=”Robert Holmgren” url=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/holmgren/5043806912/”]

Starbucks got some attention earlier this week for announcing that at outlets in DC, baristas were going to write “Come Together” on the cups to encourage the city to make a deal to aver the Fiscal Cliff.That warranted a fair bit of mockery by itself.

But it’s actually even worse.

Paul Krugman and Suzy Khimm point out that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is himself confused about what the Fiscal Cliff is.

In his letter to employees he wrote:

As many of you know, our elected officials in Washington D.C. have been unable to come together and compromise to solve the tremendously important, time-sensitive issue to fix the national debt.

Not only is the size of the national debt not the core issue (let alone a time-sensitive one), the letter says nothing about taxes going up or spending being cut, which are the core issues.

If the CEO of Starbucks is unaware of what the Fiscal Cliff is really all about, it’s really impossible to expect the average person to have much grasp, and therefore it’s impossible to expect politicians to address the matter in anything but the most politically pandering way possible.