Even The San Jose Sharks Approve Of Tony Abbott's Paid Parental Leave Plan

Those pesky twitbots are at it again.

Mr Abbott revealed details of his paid parental leave plan in a Melbourne cafe yesterday. Soon after, tweets began appearing selling the message that “Paid parental leave is a winner for Tony Abbott”.

It appears to have originated with Twitter user Christine Lockwood before the message was being sold worldwide through influencial Liberal Party supporters such as Marvins Organics:

And National Hockey League side, the San Jose Sharks:

Mr Abbott’s social media campaign has been a bit of a running joke with watchers in this campaign.

Last week, his party put out a statement after it was forced to deny artifically inflating his Twitter popularity, which grew by 70,000 in just 12 hours.

His Facebook popularity also grew at an alarming rate, from 75,000 fans on Friday, August 9 to more than 140,000 just two days later.

Buying followers on Twitter and Facebook usually involves mass creation of fake accounts, easy to spot as they usually only have a handful of tweets posted, mostly on the same day.

As you’ll notice if you search Twitter for the phrase “Paid parental leave is a winner for Tony Abbott“, once you get past the growing number of tweets mocking the hamfisted astroturfing campaign.

Of course, as with the inflated followers debacle, there’s no immediate way to tell if Mr Abbott’s staff are behind the campaign. It could just as likely be a devoted fan, or someone trying to sabotage Mr Abbott’s social media accounts.

Neither the Liberal Party or the San Jose Sharks have replied to requests for comment about the whether paid parental leave is a winner for Tony Abbott.

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