Even Terry Semel's Daughter Doesn't Want To Be Associated With Yahoo

Courtenay Semel finally answered the question at the forefront of tech geeks’ minds since her recent blowup at a bouncer who didn’t know who she was: “Why didn’t Terry Semel’s daughter say, ‘Yahoo Me’?”

The seemingly mortified spawn of Yahoo’s former CEO explains her drunken choice of words to TMZ by saying that her “dad is done with Yahoo.” She adds that “Google me just sounded like a better catchphrase.”

Indeed, her whole rant is a great catchphrase; it’s only a matter of time before someone puts it on a t-shirt. And while it’s nice of Courtenay to try to get back into dad’s good graces, she likely said “Google me” because that’s what everyone says. No one refers to Yahoo’s search engine because very few people use it.

So, yeah, Terry Semel’s done with Yahoo and so is everyone else.

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“Do You Even Know Who I Am, F**king Idiot?…Google Me, You Dumb F**k.”

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