9 More Cool Tricks You Should Try With Apple's New Mac Operating System

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We’re still learning more and more tricks and tweaks in Apple’s latest operating system for Macs. Here are our favourites from this list by Addictive Tips and some of our own.

Instantly look up a word in the dictionary

If you tap a word with three fingers inside of any app, Mountain Lion will pop open a Dictionary window and define that word.

Quickly switch between full screen apps

Swipe side-to-side with three fingers to toggle between full screen apps.

Play chess over Game centre

The Mac's timeless Chess app has been updated to support online play over Game centre. While logged in to Game centre, start a new game and select 'Game centre Match' from the Players menu.

Access iCloud from the Finder

All you need to do is browse to Library > Mobile Documents. All your iCloud contents appear here.

Bring back the Save As command

Command+Shift+S no longer functions as 'Save As.' If you want to bring that back, go to Keyboard in System Preferences. Under 'Shortcuts,' select 'Application Shortcuts' from the left and add a new shortcut called 'Save As...' Enter Command+Shift+S as the keyboard combo for it and you're done.

Mirror your computer display with an Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV box, you can set it up to mirror your Mac's display on a television via AirPlay. In order to use AirPlay mirroring, first make sure your Mac and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You'll see an AirPlay symbol in the top right of your menu bar that'll let you switch it on.

By the way, AirPlay mirroring won't work with all Macs. Your Mac needs to be made in mid 2011 or later.

Bring back classic Exposé

If you prefer Exposé from previous iterations of OS X instead of Mission Control, you can uncheck this box in System Preferences to restore it to its retro functionality.

Keep your Mac awake

Want more customisation?

You might want to check out a free app called Mountain Tweaks. The app will easily let you disable animations from apps, disable autocorrect, and a bunch of other cool things. You can download it for free right here.

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