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jill kelleyJill Kelley

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Authorities are questioning the credibility of Natalie Khawam, one of the socialites at the centre of the military’s latest scandal.

natalie khawam scandalNatalie Khawam

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Khawam’s sister is Jill Kelley, the woman at the forefront of the military controversy involving two major generals.

Khawam pulled Gen. David Petraeus and Gen. John Allen into her own custody fight with her ex, asking both men to write glowing letters about her as a mother.

But now we’re learning that while the generals supported Khawam, authorities had serious reservations about the woman’s credibility.

Khawam called police in April 2009 to report that her husband Grayson Wolfe had beat her and abused their son while the family was living in Washington, Tampa Bay Online reported Thursday.

She also told authorities in June 2010 that Wolfe forced her to watch porn that she believed featured underage girls, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

But the judge in her child custody case didn’t buy it.

The judge called her allegations “so patently incredible, and so obviously fabricated, that it raises serious concerns in the court’s mind not only about Ms. Khawam’s credibility as a witness, but also about what appears to be her fundamental lack of integrity,” according to the Times.

“Ms. Khawam appears to lack any appreciation or respect for the importance of honesty and integrity in her interactions with her family, employers, and others with whom she comes in contact,” the unidentified judge wrote in court documents.

Doctors who have evaluated Khawam called her “an illogical thinker who has a profoundly distorted view of Mr. Wolfe and of much of the world around her,” according to Tampa Bay Online.

Police don’t think much better of Khawam. She has reportedly berated officers for failing to help her after she claimed her husband was stalking her and told officers it was their job, not hers, to find evidence to support her allegations.

Complaints she filed against Wolfe in Washington and Florida were dropped by police for lack of evidence.

Khawam’s sister Kelley, who received¬† potentially inappropriate emails from one general and threatening emails from the CIA director’s mistress, also has a long past of constant phone calls to police. She’s called the department at least five times in the past three years and has asked police for “diplomatic protection” from the news crews camped out on her lawn, claiming she was an “honorary consul general.”

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