Even Elon Musk can't believe the rally of support behind fixing Australia's energy problem

Tesla founder Elon Musk. Photo: David McNew/ AFP/ Getty Images.

The Tesla energy conversation in Australia continues to push forward after Elon Musk spoke to prime minister Malcolm Turnbull over the weekend.

It seems the Tesla founder and CEO is genuinely excited about the project, and appreciative that Australians have come together to support clean energy.

“Just wanted to write a note of appreciation to the many Australians who came out in support of the battery plan, especially @mcannonbrookes,” he Tweeted.

To which Atlassian co-founder and co-CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes — the Australian business leader gearing up policy and funds to ensure the plan goes ahead — said: “@elonmusk mate, you built the world’s biggest factory & then publicly dropped ? on price. Nations are changed w actions not words. Thank you”.

It comes as the trio work towards introducing a green energy solution to the energy crisis in South Australia.

On Friday, Cannon-Brookes challenged the Tesla founder after an employee said they could solve the blackout problem in 100 days.

Not only did Musk confirm it was possible but he said if they don’t get it done in 100 days the $198 million worth of batteries would be free.

Since then Cannon-Brookes has been inundated with support for the plan from the Australian business community.

Innovation Australia boss Bill Ferris even put the Atlassian co-founder in touch with the nation’s chief scientist, Alan Finkel, to discuss the issue. Finkel is an expect on integrating renewable energy into traditional power grids.

South Australia’s premier, Jay Weatherill, who releases the state’s energy policy today, has also said that a number of local and offshore groups have come forward with proposals.

He is expected to speak with Musk in the coming days.

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