Even Die-Hard BlackBerry Fans Don’t Like The New Keyboard Phone

blackbery n series phone with keyboard
One of the recent BB10 keyboard phone leaks.

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A few more photos of RIM’s next keyboard-equipped BlackBerry leaked out today.The phone will run BlackBerry 10, the new mobile operating system from RIM that will formally launch on Jan. 30.

Now take a look at some of the comments on CrackBerry, a site dedicated to RIM news and full of readers who love BlackBerry. The reception of the leaked keyboard BB10 phone isn’t so good. Out of the ~300 comments posted so far, there’s a lot of negativity mixed in.

Here are three examples that we cleaned up for grammar, spelling, profanity, etc.:

“This has to be the worst possible design for a combination touch-screen and physical keyboard smartphone. Why is Research In Motion shooting themselves in the foot yet again? The screen size makes any touch-screen interface functionality an exercise in frustration. The BlackBerry Z10 (Zero) with a slider keyboard makes more sense from an aesthetics and usability perspective. Not impressed.”

“I am extremely disappointed with this phone. At this rate I’d rather go with the Z10 or stay with my 9900. That screen just looks wrong for some reason and don’t get me started on the back! I hope this isn’t the final model, but in any case I’ll only be able to properly judge it when it’s in my hands.”

“I’m a proud Bold 9900 user and I knew this resolution was 720×720, meaning it was only going to increase in screen size with the trackpad and call buttons removed. I don’t like it at all. Too much wasted space at the top. 9900/9930 users would not feel like they’ve upgraded with this phone despite the OS. Ill be getting the Z10 version until they drop another QWERTY version with taller screen. Plus the phone itself looks small like a curve! What? No thanks.”

We point this out because BlackBerry fans have had very positive things to say about all these BB10 leaks until now. It seems like most are more excited for the touchscreen-only model as opposed to the one with the keyboard.

It’s also important to note that this is just a leak. There’s no guarantee that the final version of the keyboard-equipped BB10 phone will look like the one in the photo. And some people are saying this is just a test device given to developers, not the device consumers will get next year.

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