Even conservatives admit the US ruling on same-sex marriage means Australia will have to tackle the issue

Photo: Charles McQuillan / Getty Images.

The landmark decision by the Supreme Court in the United States to legalise same-sex marriage has put an end to a long fight for gay rights and reignited calls for marriage equality in Australia.

“There appears to be growing momentum worldwide towards marriage equality and our parliament will deal with it at the appropriate time in the appropriate way,” said Education Minister Christopher Pyne.

“When we come back in spring, there’s every possibility that will be back on the agenda.”

In a joint statement by Opposition leader Bill Shorten and and deputy leader Tanya Plibersek, both said that the historic US ruling “upheld the truth” and legal recognition of LGBTI couples in the United States.

“In Australia, let us make it a call to action,” they said. “It’s time to make marriage equality, a reality.”

Once again, the issue of same-sex marriage is back on the national agenda especially after Ireland legalised same-sex marriage last month, making it the first country to vote on marriage equality by popular vote.

After the landslide victory in Ireland, Opposition leader Bill Shorten said: “Time for Australia and our Parliament to embrace marriage equality.”

Here are just some of the responses following the US decision:

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