EVD'oh! Wi-fi Lets Us Down At D6

Dow Jones’ D6 conference is three days long, and we’ve seen all of one presentation so far. But we already know what product we’re most impressed by: That’d be the EVDO wireless cards that our smarter bloggy/press colleagues have brought with them, which allow them to open up their laptop and file from wherever they’d like.

What about Wi-fi? you ask. Isn’t a cutting-edge tech conference like D wired from end to end? Nope, it’s not. Specifically, the main ballroom, where all the bold-faced names are presenting, is a dead zone. We gather this is intentional — so that the likes of us don’t disrupt the audience with our incessant hunting and pecking at our keyboards. So instead, we’re watching a good chunk of the D conference live — but on TV — in an adjoining press room.

Not that we’re complaining: It’s a very nice room. But assuming we get another invite next year (and don’t get kicked out this year), we’re coming prepared.

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Photo: Ubergizmo

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