'Never Trump' presidential candidate Evan McMullin: 'I'm confused' by Mike Pence

Mike Pence and Donald TrumpSteve Pope/Getty ImagesMike Pence and Donald Trump.

Presidential candidate Evan McMullin, the independent running as a “Never Trump” conservative alternative, told Business Insider on Wednesday that Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence has left him “confused.”

When asked during a Wednesday interview about his initial thoughts on several individuals, McMullin seemed hesitant to deliver a one-word description of Pence, the Indiana governor and Trump’s running mate.

“I’m confused at the moment by him,” he said. “I’m not sure I have a one-word synopsis for him.”

When asked later if he could clarify the stance, McMullin expanded his answer.

“I don’t know Mike Pence personally, but everyone I know who knows him says he’s a good man,” he said. “I believe that to be true. I’m confused about why he has joined forces with Donald Trump.”

McMullin, who has been staunchly critical of Trump, called the real-estate mogul “bigoted” earlier in the interview.

McMullin decided earlier this month to embark on his independent candidacy after being dissatisfied by both Trump and Clinton. He said Wednesday that he’s the only true conservative candidate in the race. 

He previously worked as a CIA operative and as a policy director for the House Republican Conference.

Watch Business Insider’s full interview with McMullin below:

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