Ev Williams' Last Act As CEO Of Twitter: Throwing Up In His Garbage Can

We just got copies of the Nick Bilton’s book about Twitter.

While lots of normal people may not care about Twitter, we do. And this book looks like it’s going to be great. Just flipping through it we’ve already seen a lot of great dialogue and emails.

We know how the story ends, and we’re still hesitant to skim the last few pages because we don’t want spoilers.

We read the first page and we’ve already gotten a great behind the scenes look at Ev Williams’ last day as CEO. Williams was one of Twitter’s founders. He is the biggest shareholder and was its second CEO. Eventually he was forced out of the company against his will.

In the moments before he was going to announce that he was stepping down as CEO, he was in his office sick to his stomach. He was throwing up in a garbage can. This, according to Bilton was “his last act as the CEO of Twitter.”

He didn’t know if he was just nervous about announcing the move, of if he was sick. His wife, who worked at Twitter, came to his office. She asked him how he was feeling.

He just responded with the f-word.

A few minutes later, he went in front of Twitter’s employees and announced he would stop being the company’s CEO.

For more details on the drama at Twitter, check out Bilton’s book.

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