Europe’s Stock Market Rally Finally Fails

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[credit provider=”Daniel Goodman / Business Insider”]

Major European markets closed down today, amid renewed concerns about Greece.Germany’s DAX: -0.07%

France’s CAC 40: -0.15%.

England’s FTSE 100: -0.18%

Greece and its creditors looked close to reaching an agreement on debt swap plans that are an integral piece of its next bailout. However, a CNBC report that no deal had been reached yet that came out not long before the European closing bell ensured that markets closed in the red today. Bond yields in Spain and Italy also began marching back up today.

Financial companies were the black swans of the European markets today, with many banks still closing in the green. Here are selected gains so far in U.S. markets:

Societe Generale: +4.05%

Commerzbank: +7.11%

Credit Suisse: +1.41%