Europe's Cheapest Car Is Making Romania Very Happy

Dacia-LoganRenault MediaThe cheap goodness.

Want a brand-new car for less than $US10,000?

You won’t be able to get one in the U.S. — not since Nissan raised the price on its bare-bones Versa a few years back. But you can go to Europe.

And buy a Dacia Logan.

According to Bloomberg’s Mathieu Rosemain and Andra Timu, “Today, the cheapest Logan starts at 7,700 euros, and the lineup has been extended to five main models.”

At current exchange rates, that means that Logan comes in at just under 10 grand.

The reporters point out that Dacia has become a post-communist-era success story, even as other Iron Curtain brands have faded. Romanians are proud to build he cheap little car.

Renault owns Dacia, and Renault and Nissan have a global alliance, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that the producers of what was the cheapest car in the U.S. are responsible for the cheapest car in Europe.

Nissan-VersaNissan MediaThe Nissan Versa — no longer less than 10 grand.

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