Europeans Who Get Sick On Vacation Get To Take Another Vacation

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Brilliant catch by the New York Times’ Paul Geitner, who reports that Europe’s highest court recently ruled that workers who get sick while on paid vacation…get to take another vacation.In a ruling yesterday, the Court of Justice for the European Union in Luxembourg said: 

“A worker who becomes unfit for work during his paid annual leave is entitled at a  later point in time to a period of leave of the same duration as that of his sick leave. That right exists irrespective of the point at which the incapacity for work arose.”

The Court points out that, according to settled case-law, entitlement to paid annual leave must be regarded as a particularly important principle of EU social law, a principle expressly enshrined in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The right to paid annual leave cannot be interpreted restrictively.”

It was, believe it or not, a Spanish court that had initially ruled against the claim, made by a local trade union.

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