European stocks are tumbling after several explosions at Brussels airport and metro station

Stocks across the board are tumbling on Tuesday morning after a series of explosions rocked the Belgian capital, Brussels.

Every major European index is in negative territory, with all but the FTSE 100 off more than 1%. Germany’s DAX has slipped 1.4%, while the CAC 40 in France is down by 1.33%. Spain’s biggest index, the IBEX 35 has dropped by 1.76%, the largest faller so far.

Here’s how the Euro Stoxx 50 broad index looked a few minutes ago:

Airline stocks are suffering the most following the explosions at Brussels Airport, with the vast majority of European airlines seeing big falls. Here’s how Britain’s largest budget airline EasyJet looks:

And this is what Air France KLM, the owner of the French and Dutch national airlines have performed so far this morning:

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