spanish austerity riot

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Markets in Europe have finally closed.England’s FTSE 100 is down 1.6%.

France’s CAC 40 is down 2.4%.

Germany’s DAX is down 1.9%.

Spain’s IBEX is down 3.8%.

Italy’s FTSE MIB is down 3.3%.

Markets are extendied the big selloffs seen across Asia where Japan’s Nikkei tanked 2.0%.

Spain has taken to the streets to protest austerity.  Leaders are expected to soon unveil a new budget, which is likely to come with harsh spending cuts.

Meanwhile, Greeks are also protesting austerity, which is expected to soon come their way.

Two hours into the U.S. trading session, stocks are mixed with the Dow relatively flat, while the Nasdaq is falling.

Here’s an intraday look at Spain’s IBEX:

spanish stock market

Photo: Bloomberg

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