More Proof Of The Monster Divide That’s Ripping Apart Europe

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Everyday we get more evidence that the Eurozone is ridiculous, and vastly favours the core countries like Germany and France.The latest: fresh GDP numbers.

In a shock to nobody, Germany killed its expectations, with Q/Q growth of 1.5%. French GDP of 1% also exceeded expectations.

And then on the flipside, you have Italian GDP growth of just 0.1%, below expectations of 0.3%. It’s growing at its slowest in a year.

And yet despite all the evidence that the Eurozone structure vastly favours the Germans, it’s still believed that the periphery are the moochers. Instead, they keep losing, with a currency that’s too strong, and debt rules that aren’t ideal for them.

Anyway, in this instance, nobody is getting too worked up. Markets are staging a nice rally, keying off the news >