The EU wants to force Netflix and Amazon to show more European television

Amelie film france french movie romantic comedy Audrey TautouUGC-Fox DistributionAmélie is one of France’s most successful films in the US. Netflix could soon be forced to host a lot more content like it.

European regulators plan to force American video streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon to show more European TV shows and movies, The Financial Times reports.

The paper has seen a draft of a European Commission proposal which is set to be announced next week. It will subject on-demand video platforms to the same rules at broadcasters — requiring them to ensure that 20% of the content they offer is European in origin, as national broadcast services already do.

Netflix and Amazon did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment — though the former has expressed concerns. In a response to the proposals also seen by The Financial Times, it warned: “Rigid numerical quotas risk suffocating the market for on-demand audiovisual media services … An obligation to carry content to meet a numerical quota may cause new players to struggle to achieve a sustainable business model.”

It added: “The focus of European audiovisual media policy should be on incentivising the production of European content and not imposing quotas on broadcasters or other … providers who would struggle to meet the supply.”

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