The Largest Unmanned Cargo Ship Ever Just Delivered 7 Tons Of Supplies To Space

Last night, A 20-ton European cargo ship docked with the International Space Station. 

The giant robotic spacecraft was carrying 7 tons of supplies, including food, water, clothing, oxygen and fuel for the six-member ISS crew, according to the European Space Agency (ESA).   

ESA officials said ATV-3, nicknamed Edoardo Amaldi, is the heaviest load ever to be delivered to the station by an unmanned spacecraft, according to 

It took the autonomously flying vessel five days to reach the space outpost and will remain there for five months acting as a temporary space module for the astronauts.

The freighter will burn up during re-entry when it undocks, filled with garbage bags, at the end of August.

[h/t Universe Today

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