European Banks Are Take A Beating Today

Photo: Flick/danielmorris

European banks are taking a hit today, with French banks under the most fire from markets right now.This is eerily reminiscent of the fear we saw last fall, as investors began to worry about tightening credit conditions across Europe.

Here’s a look at what’s happing in financials right now, as we head into the last two hours of European trading:


Societe Generale: -5.6%
Credit Agricole: -5.1%
BNP Paribas: -4.2%


Unicredit: -4.8%
UBI Banca: -2.14%
Banca MPS: -4.8%


Santander: -3.8%
BBVA: -3.1%
Banco Sabadell: -2.7%
Banco Popular: -3.4%


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