‘It’s warm, eh?’: A man in Germany went out on his moped naked as Europe sizzles in a record-breaking heat wave

The Brandenburg police shared images of a man seen riding his moped while naked. Twitter/Polizei Brandenburg
  • A man in Germany found a way to cool himself down as Europe scorches in an extreme heat wave.
  • The police shared images of the man riding naked on a moped, while still wearing his helmet.
  • The police said that when he was stopped, the man replied: “It’s warm, eh?”
  • Temperatures in parts of Europe have breached 40 degrees Celsius, or 104 Fahrenheit, this week as a wave of hot air from the Sahara covers the continent.
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A man in Germany was caught by the police making a novel attempt to cool off during Europe’s record-breaking heat wave: riding his moped naked.

Like most of Western Europe, Germany is facing scorching temperatures as hot air comes in from the Sahara, leaving officials looking for ways to keep populations cool and avoid deaths.

But a man in the northeastern German state of Brandenburg had his own solution, taking off all his clothes as he rode his moped through the streets.

He made sure to prioritise safety, however, as he still wore a helmet.

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The Brandenburg police shared images of the man on Twitter on Wednesday, with one suggesting they pulled the man over. The police said that when he was stopped, the man replied: “It’s warm, eh?”

“We’re speechless,” the police wrote, using the hashtags “#heat,” “#safetyfirst,” and “#lifeatthelimit.”

Other German police departments weighed in with jokes, with Frankfurt’s police tweeting: “Citizens in Frankfurt pay a lot of attention to their health and skin, and normally are dressed when they’re underway.”

Parts of Germany have seen record-high temperatures this week, with one area near the Polish border recording a temperature of 38.5 degrees Celsius, or 101.3 Fahrenheit.

Pool swimming germany europe heat wave
People cooling off at an open-air swimming pool in Haltern am See, in western Germany, on Wednesday. INA FASSBENDER/AFP/Getty Images

In some parts of Europe, temperatures are due to reach up to 45 C (113 F), and scientists say climate change is to blame for the particularly hot temperatures arriving particularly early in the year.

The man on his moped isn’t the only person to find creative ways to stay cold – another man in Germany stripped naked and ran down a supermarket’s freezer aisle.

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But authorities are trying to find less revealing ways to keep people cool, with officials in Paris opening swimming pools and introducing new water fountains and mist machines as well as closing schools, postponing exams, and urging people to avoid alcohol and exercise.