Mark Your Calendars For These Critical Events In Europe


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May and June look to be busy months in Europe, with some major political and market-moving events taking place across the region.With France electing socialist Francois Hollande and Greece likely to face another election in June, there could be some major policy changes coming.

Here are the events you need to watch, via UBS.

  • May 11: Spain’s cabinet to discuss recapitalization needs of banking system
  • May 11: EU 2012-2013 economic forecasts & recommendations for countries in the EDP
  • May 13: North Rhine Westphalia state elections
  • May 14: Eurogroup meeting
  • May 15: Economic & Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) meeting
  • May 15: Greek foreign law bond redemptions (€450m)
  • May 15: Mr Hollande sworn in as French president
  • May 17: Spain’s Fiscal Policy Board (CPFF) meets to discuss regional deficits and financing
  • May 18: Greek €3.3bn bond redemption (of bonds held by Eurosystem central banks)
  • May 18/19: G8 leaders’ summit
  • May 21: Second round of local elections in Italy
  • May 23: EU leaders meeting (informal)
  • May 31: Deadline for Spanish banks to submit recapitalisation plans
  • May 31: Irish referendum on the fiscal compact
  • June: Possible launch of Spanish “hispabonos” (for regional government funding)
  • June 6: ECB Governing council meeting and press conference
  • June 17: Possible election date in Greece (if no government is formed this week)
  • June 10: France legislative elections (1st round)
  • June 15: Fourth review of Portuguese aid programme
  • June 15: Sixth review of Irish aid programme
  • June 17: France legislative elections (2nd round)
  • June 17: Alternative possible election date in Greece
  • June 18/19: G20 leaders meetings
  • June 21: Eurogroup meeting
  • June 22: Economic & Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) meeting
  • June 28/29: EU leaders’ summit
  • June 30: Greece’s medium term spending plan (for 2013-2014) due
  • June 30: Euro area deadline for bank recapitalisation
  • June/July: First review of the Greek second aid programme

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