As Europe Smolders, EU Promotes New $450 Million "Beer Belly" HQ

Beer Belly

Photo: European Council

Due for completion in 2014, the Europa Building is designed to house the staff and offices of the EU’s first president, Herman van Rompuy.However, 3 years its due to open, the lavish design is already ruffling some feathers.

The Evening Standard reports that British Prime Minister David Cameron has been angered by a new booklet promoting the design, which was agreed during Tony Blair’s time in office.

A source tells the ES, “It seems rather insensitive at a time when everyone is struggling to tighten their belts for the EU to be boasting about its new HQ in this way. There is no way of us stopping it although Mr Cameron was horrified and would cancel it if that was possible.”

The building, with a notable “beer-belly” design, is reported to cost £280 million ($450 million) to design and build. The 16-page brochure that David Cameron is reported to have seen is said to have cost £100,000 to design and print.

The building will be located in Brussels.

Here's a rendering of one of the colourful meeting rooms.

The building's design and construction is said to cost $450 million.

But can the EU really afford this?

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