Support is continuing to grow for a Brexit

A new poll suggests the campaign for Britain to leave the EU is leading among people who’ve already decided how they will vote in the upcoming referendum.

According to the survey, published by Kantar’s TNS, 36% of respondents said they would vote for Britain to leave the EU on referendum day, which is expected to be June 23, compared to 34% who said they’d choose to remain.

But when those surveyed were asked what they thought the actual outcome will be, just 28% of respondents said they thought Britain would actually vote to leave the EU.

The research also shows that the majority of young people who plan to vote want to remain in the 28-nation bloc compared to the majority of older voters who have a desire for Britain to pull out.

Here’s an extract from the post on Kantar’s website:

The poll also shows that while older voters are more likely to want to leave the EU, they felt more pessimistic towards the outcome of the referendum — 48% of people over 55 said they intended to vote to leave the EU, only 32% believed that this would be the outcome (31% of the age group felt that in the end, the UK would remain within the European Union).

In contrast, younger voters felt strongly that the UK would keep the status quo — both in their voting intention and when asked if they believed that the UK would remain part of the EU (57% of 18-24 year olds who intended to vote wished to remain, 54% also believed that would be the outcome, and only 15% of this age group believed the UK would vote to leave).

Beyond voting intention, the poll also underlines the widespread dissatisfaction with David Cameron’s handling of the ongoing renegotiation of Britain’s EU membership — with just 14% saying the prime minister had been successful so far.

The mood among Britons is likely to worsen if Cameron fails to secure significant changes to the terms of the Britain’s EU membership.

At the time of writing Cameron is still in Brussels negotiating with leaders of EU member states.

The PM had been hoping to meet with cabinet ministers back in London on Friday following a successful agreement of a deal. However the meeting has been postponed as the critical talks continue.

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