Here are the 6 new laws the Leave campaign wants to enact after Brexit

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The official Vote Leave campaign has finally unveiled what it plans to do if Britons vote for the UK leaving the European Union — known as a Brexit.

In what Vote Leave calls its “roadmap,” there are six new laws, including a stringent immigration control bill that would “end the automatic right of all EU citizens to enter the UK.”

If the UK does vote to leave the EU on June 23, new laws will have to be enacted to make the referendum vote legally binding, as well as set the new direction of policy.

But momentum in the EU referendum debate is on the side of the Leave campaign at the moment.

On Monday, several opinion polls were published that all confirmed Remain’s worst nightmare: There is a large probability of a so-called Brexit.

An ICM poll conducted both over the phone and online indicated a 6-point lead for Leave (53% to 47%). And YouGov published an online poll of its own that gave Leave a commanding 7-point margin (46% to 39%).

While the Leave campaign sees more spending and tax cuts, UK Chancellor George Osborne said the opposite would happen in the event of a Brexit, leaving a £30 billion ($43 billion) budget hole.

Here is a rundown of the six laws the Leave campaign intends to enact by 2020 should Brits vote for a Brexit.

European Communities Act 1972 (Repeal) Bill

This is the key new law, severing the UK's ties with the treaties that make up the spine of the EU.

The Leave campaign said this law would end the European Court's jurisdiction over the UK and see the UK stop making contributions to the EU's budget.

A special Finance Bill

The Leave campaign said this law would abolish the 5% rate of VAT on household energy bills -- something it claimed would be paid for by savings from the UK's contributions to the EU.

European Union Law (Emergency Provisions) Bill

This would be the first law to be introduced and allows the government to remove EU citizens 'whose presence is not conducive to the public good,' according to the Leave campaign, by ending the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

National Health Service (Funding Target) Bill

This law would require the NHS to get an extra £100 million a week by the next general election paid for by savings from the UK's contributions to the EU budget.

Asylum and Immigration Control Bill

This law would 'end the automatic right of all EU citizens to enter the UK by the next election,' according to the Leave campaign and end the European Court's control of the UK's asylum policy by the next general election.

Free Trade Bill

This law would see the UK leaving the EU's common commercial policy, and see the UK start to negotiate its own deals on trade with the US, China and Japan, according to the Leave campaign.

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