EU Ambassador Has A Super-Clever Reaction To US Diplomat Saying 'F -- The EU'

Yesterday the State Department’s top official for Europe, Victoria Nuland, was allegedly caught on tape saying, “F — the E.U.,” apparently in frustration over the European Union’s failure to solve the political crisis in Ukraine.

As with any snafu involving a senior U.S. official saying such inflammatory things, it had a lot of people talking — from German Chancellor Angela Merkel calling it “absolutely unacceptable” to European Parliament President Martin Schulz saying “the term ‘diplomat’ and her choice of words actually stand in contradiction to one another.”

And now, we have another reaction, albeit a little more lighthearted and clever.

Ambassador João Vale de Almeida, who heads the delegation of the European Union to the United States, tweeted out this jab at Nuland on Friday:

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