Etsy Sells 1 Millionth Item


The Brooklyn-based “eBay of arts and crafts” also tells an inspiring tale of its first few days, way back in 2005:

On June 18th in the year 2005, a little over two years ago, Etsy was born. Chris, Haim and I worked for two months in my Brooklyn apartment building the site, and as soon as it launched we headed out to dinner.  That first night, while we ate sushi, two people joined. On the second day three items were listed, and on the fourth day the first item sold. At first it was just three people, then grew to four when Jared jumped on board right after we finished our dinner.

Now, the Union Square Ventures-funded company has 300,000 users, 42 employees, $12 million in revenue, and $1 million in profit (the latter two numbers courtesy of BusinessWeek).

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