Etsy Could Go Public Before April --  Check Out Its Artsy Brooklyn HQ

Chad Dickerson 1EtsyEtsy CEO Chad Dickerson

Etsy, the online marketplace that specialises in crafts and other artistic items, plans to hold a $US300 million initial public offering as soon as this quarter, sources tell Bloomberg.

Earlier this year, we checked out Etsy’s gorgeous office space in Brooklyn, New York.

Etsy's office is in Brooklyn, in a neighbourhood called DUMBO (it stands for 'Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass').

The lobby of its building -- 55 Washington St. -- is pretty slick.

Head up to the fifth floor, and you'll find Etsy.

Once you enter, you feel like you're walking through a jungle passageway thanks to the walls lined with (real) plants.

Etsy's reception desk is made out of recycled and found materials.

Take a closer look:

Already, you start to notice a bunch of fun, artsy touches around the office, like these plant holders. As you'd expect, Etsy buys a lot of its decorations from sellers on its site or other local artists.

Meet Mr. Grit, the huge owl that Etsy brought along from its first office. The little owl next to it was originally an employee's Halloween costume.

The big, open office space where Etsy employees sit is colourful and bright. Note the pipes, which have been yarn-bombed.

The walls are adorned with artwork, giving the space lots of personality.

In fact, every new employee is given a stipend when they first start to buy things off of Etsy to decorate their desk area with. (Also, see if you can spot the dog in this pic.)

They're also given a white lab coat, which they can spice up in any way they choose.

On the way to the kitchen, you'll pass a quilted curtain that was made by a group of Etsy community members.

Behind the curtain is a comfy spot for employees to work or relax.

Across from it, there's a spot for employees to eat or have meetings. The awesome wall painting was commissioned by a local artist, and is filled with employee ideas for Etsy products, like 'emoticon mittens' and 'mason jar pin-cushion.'

Here's a peek inside the office of CEO Chad Dickerson.

He has Etsy's B-Corporation certificates hanging on one wall. Etsy has been a certified B-Corporation since 2012, which means that it gets held to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance.

Dickerson told Business Insider that he actually *does* play that guitar and says that the Etsy office is actually quite musical.

We spotted another guitar in this office, too, next to Etsy's cute shredding-machine-robot.

Because most employees don't have their own offices, Etsy has a few little conference rooms for phone calls or quiet time.

They all have a completely different theme and vibe.

This one was cutesy and filled with stuffed animals.

Not to mention these oversize thumbtacks.

This middle room had more of a vintage theme.

The company has a pretty hilarious naming convention for its rooms: Each one combines a food with a band.

This conference room doubles as an ode to Etsy history. On the walls are a bunch of old T-shirts and other early memorabilia.

Employees get a bunch of free, healthy snacks, like nut mixes and granola.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Etsy hosts something called Eatsy, where it invites a local, sustainability focused restaurant to provide food for employees.

Since Business Insider visited the office on a Tuesday, we got to see the prep work in action.

Next to the kitchen is a big, cafeteria-style space for people to eat and hang out. More live wall-plants create a vibrant ambiance.

In order to achieve its B-Corp certification, Etsy has to cut down on waste, so the company got rid of employees' individual trash cans. Instead, there are a bunch of sorting stations throughout the office.

Employees have clearly marked sections for recyclables and compost.

Each night, the company weighs its landfill waste, recycling, and compost using custom-built scales so it can measure its improvement over time.

Besides the sorting stations, Etsy also has a 'Clean eCups' program, which encourages employees to bring reusable containers (with handmade 'Etsy' koozies!) if they go out to buy juice or coffee.

There's a secondary kitchen area besides the main one where employees can pick up snacks and coffee.

Now, get an inside look at another company...

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