The 15 Coolest Offices In Tech: Etsy Office Tour

SA 500 Etsy

Etsy is an e-commerce hub for buyers and sellers of handmade goods, vintage goods, and art supplies.

It’s headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

Here's how you know you're in the lobby of 55 Ft. Washington Street

Once you're inside, you meet Etsy's office manager.

This owl is named Mr. Grit. About 9 feet tall, he used to guard the front door at Etsy's old HQ.

This one of the two office dogs. His name is Napoleon.

Here's the team behind Etsy's blog.

The engineering team is busy girding the site for the holidays

All startups have T-shirts. Not all startups have their own T-shirt press.

Etsy holds weekly arts & craft lessons for employees. Last month they made pincushions.

The kitchen is very earthy.

Loads Etsy employees live in Brooklyn and bike to work.

Etsy didn't buy curtains when it moved in. So it came up with a make-shift solution of sheets, art and paper.

Every Etsy employee gets a white lab coat

PR boss Adam Brown's goal is to get his covered with every t-shirt design Etsy makes

An Etsy quilt made by the Quiltsy team

Ah-hah! The requisite Rock Band game, buried in a corner.

When Etsy employees DO play Rock Band, they hook it up to overhead projectors

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