Eric Mindich’s Eton Park Opens Huge New Stakes In Nielsen And Marathon Oil

eric mindich

Eton Park’s latest 13F is out.

Former Goldman partner Eric Mindich opened two new big stakes — one in the media sector and one in energy.

Eton Park now owns 3.37 million shares in Marathon Oil worth about $170 million, symptomatic of his penchant for energy (he also added to holdings in that sector in the previous quarter).

The sector represents the biggest composition change in his portfolio — 8.3% according to Bloomberg analysis.

Mindich is also opened a huge new stake in Nielsen media.

He bought up 12 million shares in the media company that are worth about $367 million, and now represents his third largest holding.

His number one stake is Viacom, which he added to slightly to take his total holdings to 15,050,000 shares worth about $750 million.

His second largest holding is Argentinean oil and gas company, YPF SA  — he added 2.5 million shares to his holding, which is now worth about $106.6 million.

He’s still loving financials, maintaining stakes in JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America — all three remain in his top 10 holdings, though as a whole, it represents less of Eton Park’s portfolio than the previous quarter.

In the previous quarter, he opened a ton of new stakes in gold and energy, slashed a stake in Potash, also like healthcare and kept financials as a sizeable chunk of his portfolio.