Tell Jokes, Give Advice, Or Create Your Own Persona With The New Ethan App

Remember Ethan, the guy who created his own messaging app that only allows people to message him with random questions?

Shortly after its launch, Ethan was bombarded with messages asking advice on love, movies, clothes, and anything else that came to mind. Always willing to give his opinion, Ethan would always text back. Soon a Facebook employee was writing about falling in love with Ethan, the man behind the app, and Ethan’s success led to the launch of Samantha, the sister app to Ethan.

Well, now you can create your own Ethan-esque online persona, so you can start dishing advice, telling jokes, or however else you’d like to use your own app-within-an-app for.

Ethan has always planned to open the Ethan platform up so that others could easily craft their own personalities that people could message. Today he’s introduced new additions to the Ethan family, along with the ability for anyone to apply to join in the fun.

The Ethan family now includes personalities like Ben, who will send you interesting games or movies, and Tommy, a cinephile who will help you choose your next movie. And then there’s¬†HowDoILook, which lets users send pictures of themselves to get feedback and advice on improving their look.

While Ethan is opening its doors to the public, Ethan is still manually approving each new personality that will be added to the Ethan family, so you might have to wait to get approved.

To sign up, just think up a good idea of what you’d like your Ethan personality to be and fill out an application here.

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