A Single Tweet Could Win You This Giant Pile Of Money And Guacamole

Earlier this morning, we told you about how the online car insurer Esurance promised to give away $US1.5 million to one lucky person who tweeted the hashtag #EsuranceSave30 after seeing it in the first ad that ran after last night’s Super Bowl.

Now, Esurance is showing off what $US1.5 million looks like in one giant stack of cash. The company tweeted, “RT to have a chance at the 1.5$ million! Good Luck!”

Holy guacamole (!), that’s a lot of money! The campaign is intended to tell people how Esurance can help them save 30% on their car insurance because that’s how much Esurance saved by running its Super Bowl ad after the game instead of during it. Since the average 30-second Super Bowl ad was sold for $US4 million, Esurance actually saved 37.5%, assuming it is telling the truth about saving $US1.5 million.

The contest closes Tuesday, Feb. 4, at 4 a.m. Eastern Time, and is limited to legal residents of the contiguous 48 states and the District of Columbia. Contestants can enter themselves as many times as they like, simply by tweeting #EsuranceSave30. The winner will be revealed on Wednesday’s edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Here’s the ad that ran after the game, starring actor John Krasinski of “The Office” fame:

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