ESPN Will Not Use Term ‘Pistol Formation’ During Today’s Bowl Game

Nevada Pistol Formation

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According to Paul Myerberg of USA Today (via Twitter), ESPN will not use the term “Pistol Formation” during their telecast of today’s Gildan New Mexico Bowl between Nevada and Arizona. The move is being made “in light of yesterday’s shooting” in Connecticut.The Pistol Formation, invented by Nevada’s Chris Ault, is a modification of the Shotgun Formation in which the quarterback is just three yards behind the offensive line and includes at least one running back lined up behind the quarterback (see above).

What is peculiar about this move, other than seeming to be unnecessary, is that there is no indication that ESPN will forgo the use of other terms of violence such as “shotgun,” or “bomb.”

In place of “Pistol Formation,” ESPN announcers will instead call it the “Nevada Formation.”