We Spent 24 Hours Watching The Battle Between ESPN And NBC Sports—Here's What We Found

ESPN vs NBC Sports

Following the NHL’s Winter Classic on NBC this past weekend, the network formerly known as Versus became NBC Sports, and the fight was on for ESPN’s self-proclaimed title of Worldwide Leader.

We have already detailed why NBC Sports has a better chance of succeeding where others have failed.

But to see how NBC Sports was doing out of the gate, we checked in with each network every hour of the day on Thursday. And what we learned is that it is not easy to fill 24 hours with sports programming.

Ultimately, NBC Sports success will hinge on the acquisition of live sports. That will take a while, but right now, NBC Sports needs more fringe sports (ESPN was big into sports like Australian Rules Football in the early years) and less fishing.

12am — Right off the bat, ESPN gets us started with the end of the Orange Bowl

12am — And NBC Sports is countering with their nightly hockey show

1am — With the football game over, ESPN goes to SportsCenter

1am — And NBC Sports gives us highlights from the Dakar Rally

2am — The Orange Bowl was a lopsided matchup of weak teams, but that didn't stop ESPN from showing it again

2am — And NBC Sports has a replay of their 'Sports Talk' program

3am — Hey look, ESPN is now showing us a replay of a replay

3am — Uh oh, NBC Sports is now showing a hair removal infomercial

4am — Yep, West Virginia has now scored 140 points in the last eight hours

4am — Another infomercial on NBC Sports, this one for Brazilian Butt Lift

5am — The Orange Bowl is over (again), so ESPN now gives us a replay of SportsCenter

5am — And NBC Sports is going to tell us how to get free money

6am — And another replay of SportsCenter

6am — And another infomercial

7am — And yet another replay of SportsCenter means more of the Orange Bowl

7am — Back to sports for NBC Sports, this time a replay of Sports Talk

8am — I'm really starting to hate the Orange Bowl

8am — Sports Talk is best described as a mix between SportsCenter and PTI

9am — Finally, a new (and live) SportsCenter on ESPN

9am — While NBC Sports gives us another replay of their nightly hockey program

10am — SportsCenter finally let go of the Orange Bowl and is now looking forward

10am — And NBC Sports, ummm, oh dear lord, a fishing show for clowns

11am — Another SportsCenter, and now they are previewing a game that won't happen for four more days

11am — Meanwhile, another fishing show on NBC Sports, this one with prank calls!

12pm — More SportsCenter, with oodles and oodles of Tim Tebow

12pm — And surprise, NBC Sports has more fishing

1pm — More SportsCenter on ESPN, but they are starting to reach for material

1pm — And NBC Sports switches to a hunting show with a ponytail guy that shot a Zebra

2pm — Uh oh, more (historic?) Orange Bowl highlights

2pm — Guess we should point out that before Versus, this network was the Outdoor Life Network

3pm — ESPN goes to College Football Live and an entire hour dedicated to the BCS Title game

3pm — And NBC Sports has 'Storied Journey' which is a pretty neat look at the history of sports on NBC

4pm — ESPN moves on to NFL Live, previewing the opening weekend of the playoffs

4pm — And NBC Sports has a behind-the-scenes look at a high school football all-star game

5pm — Now it is time for Around the Horn, which if you haven't seen is just a bunch of writers trying to talk over each other

5pm — NBC Sports goes back to highlights from the Dakar Rally (did you know they have a big truck category?)

6pm — Maybe they should change the name of ESPN to 'The SportsCenter Network'

6pm — NBC Sports now has a new Sports Talk with a PTI-style water cooler talk

7pm — Look, ESPN has a live sporting event (a high school all-star game)

7pm — And NBC Sports goes into primetime with a fishing show with a blind fisherman (the guest, not the host)

8pm — The high school football game was basically a four-hour version of LeBron James' 'The Decision'

8pm — City Limits Fishing, which is just another fishing show, only this time in the dirty water of big cities

9pm — Did Herm Edwards coach To Win The (high school all-star) Game

9pm — Yep, another fishing show, this one with a Boston guy with a hip-hop theme song. But at least he takes the Islanders coach fishing, promoting the NHL.

10pm — Hmmm, hard to tell who is sponsoring ESPN's high school all-star game?

10pm — NBC Sports needs more shows like 'Turning Point' which is a must-see for any NFL fan

11pm — Is this the first Gatorade bath Herm Edwards has ever received?

11pm — And our 24-hour journey ends with more ponytails on Sports Talk

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