ESPN is still the king of television networks and it is not even close

ESPN may be feeling the effects of cord-cutting, but that doesn’t mean their grasp as the king of TV networks is slipping. In fact, ESPN is making more money than ever off of subscription fees and no other network is even close.

In 2014, ESPN made approximately $6.8 billion in revenue from subscription fees alone, $5.1 billion more than any other network, based on data collected from the Wall Street Journal and TV by the Numbers. And while the number of homes with ESPN is dropping, their subscription revenue will actually rise in 2015.

In 2014, ESPN charged cable providers $6.04 per subscriber per month, whether those subscribers watched ESPN or not. Despite the number of homes with ESPN dropping by about 2 million this year, ESPN’s subscriber fee actually jumped to ~$6.61, according to industry estimates, meaning the network’s revenue will actually rise to approximately ~$7.4 billion in 2015. That may not be as high as it would be without cord cutting, but that is still up and it is still better than any other network by a mile.

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