ESPN host Tony Reali shares story about leaving a show on air to check on his family during the New York City terror attack

  • A terror attack on Tuesday left eight people dead and many more injured.
  • ESPN “Around the Horn” host Tony Reali was receiving updates during the show as the attack took place near his apartment and his daughter’s school.
  • Reali left the show mid-air to check on his family, who was safe.

Eight people were left dead and many more injured on Tuesday after a man drove a truck into cyclists and pedestrians in lower Manhattan.

For ESPN host Tony Reali, the attack hit close to home, as the driver initially started right outside of his New York City apartment where his wife was and finished blocks from his daughter’s school.

Reali shared the story via Twitter on Friday, explaining how he had to leave “Around the Horn” mid-show on Tuesday as he was getting updates on the attack while they were on air.

Luckily, Reali’s family was safe, but Reali described the stressful incident, praising his co-workers for handling the show.

Reali paid tribute to the 19 victims of the attack and shared some more thoughts.

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