ESPN Talking Head Trashes Tim Tebow Again, Calling Him ‘Phony’

Merril Hoge

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In response to a report earlier this week that Tim Tebow no longer wanted to play in the Jets’ Wildcat plays, ESPN’s Merril Hoge called Tebow “phony as a three dollar bill” and questioned what kind of teammate the quarterback really is.While criticism of Tebow is not new, Hoge has always been among the most vocal in the media.

Here’s Hoge’s full statement during SportsCenter (via

“To me, it smells like three-day old fish. OK? I think he’s phony as a three dollar bill. Because at the end of the day, what have I heard? That he will do anything, ‘anytime you ask me to do it. I’ll do it.’ All of a sudden that’s not acceptable?…If [Rex Ryan] said ‘you’re going to play Wildcat and the other guy is going to play quarterback,’ Tim Tebow, being the teammate he says he is, accepts that. Because he said ‘I’ll do anything for the team.’ That’s all I’ve ever heard about. Well, I think this now shows what really he’s about.”

On Monday, Rex Ryan said Tebow would have played in the Wildcat if he had been asked.

Hoge has a long history of throwing the strongest punches at Tebow. Prior to last season, Hoge said it was “embarrassing to think the Broncos could win with Tebow!!” and that Tebow’s “rah-rah college speeches” don’t work without the skill set needed to play. And even after Tebow led the Broncos to the playoffs, Hoge said Tebow “has no clue,” and that his “IQ as a football player is not very good.”